The platform to design and manage community engagement

Collect data, communicate plans, and decide together.

You’re just one subscription away from creating inclusive and lovable spaces.

Our Benefits

Why you should choose Maptionnaire

Harness community insights for successful planning

Our comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-use citizen engagement platform supports participation at all stages of the planning process.

Promote citizen happiness and inclusivity

The platform turns intangible citizen insights into real GIS data. Support inclusive planning and decision-making that reflects public interests and local values.

Make community engagement fun, clear, and easy

Residents and stakeholders understand planning better through interactive mapping and spatial storytelling.
The Citizen Engagement Platform

What you can do with Maptionnaire

Collect Data

  • Create map-based questionnaires
  • Engage with intuitive polls and surveys
  • Collect location-based feedback
  • Standardize data collection
A tablet with a screenshot of a Maptionnaire survey used for community engagement

Communicate Plans

  • Communicate & discuss planning projects on dedicated webpages
  • Present proposals visually and get feedback on them
  • Organize a statutory review process
  • Archive information for future use

Decide Together

  • Arrange participatory budgeting
  • Increase transparency in decision-making
  • Open residents ideas for voting
  • Report results and proposals
A tablet with a screenshot of a Participatory Budgeting project run on Maptionnaire

Analyze Results

  • Analyze & visualize data
  • Define and report on engagement KPIs
  • Create informative heatmaps
  • Export results as GIS datasets
A tablet with a screenshot of Maptionnaire's analysis tool

Interactive Mapping

  • Gamify participation experience
  • Visualize projects through spatial storytelling
  • Personalize with response-activated location zoom
  • Connect ideas and experiences with places they belong to
A tablet with a screenshot of Maptionnaire's interactive mapping features

Where Maptionnaire Works

This citizen engagement platform has been developed with City Planners, for City Planners. But other industries benefit from it too! Have a look at what you can achieve with Maptionnaire.

This community engagement platform makes the planning process more inclusive and engaging.

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Our testimonials

What Our Customers Have to Say

“Put simply, without Maptionnaire we would not have achieved our goals for gathering data for our project. If you need an easy-to-use and engaging platform, you should definitely consider Maptionnaire. It is easy to set up, and their customer support is always helpful.”
City of Edinburgh
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“An online citizen engagement platform like Maptionnaire can be incredibly helpful in reaching a broader, more diverse group of residents that better reflects the community in your city.”
Lizzie Friend, Community Insights Program Manager
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“Maptionnaire has been so good in combining and understanding both the technical side of engagement and the people we want to have a dialogue with. I am so happy with the platform. We all are!”
Birgitta Holmström, the City of Stockholm
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“Who is looking for a map-based online participation platform, will end up choosing Maptionnaire in the end. We don’t know of any solution that even comes close to what Maptionnaire has to offer.”
Urbanista, Germany
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