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Our goal is to make Maptionnaire the best and most recognized digital community engagement platform across the globe. We do so in close cooperation with our fabulous customer base, including smart cities, innovative researchers, determined urban planners, and forward-thinking consultancies who wish to improve the practices of public participation. We truly hope we can continue creating more livable and lovable cities – together.

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Smart 50 Awards Recipient for Transformative Work in Smart Cities 2020
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From a university spin-off to a global SaaS platform

Maptionnaire was born when a group of urban planning researchers and professionals based in Helsinki discovered an emerging problem: there was an increasing need for cities and urban planners to engage the public and to get real input from local residents.

However, the methods in use at the time were not enough for taking people’s opinions into account in a large-scale and actionable form.

When cities began to contact us about our work with PPGIS — the use of opinions and subjective data in GIS applications — it became apparent that there was a greater demand for our solutions than what could be offered through university projects. Anna and Maarit, the founders of Maptionnaire and both doctors of science in land-use and planning, decided it was time to venture onwards.

Our company, Mapita, was founded in 2011 to provide a solution for anyone to create their own map-based questionnaires. Since then, Maptionnaire has developed from a map-based survey tool to an entire platform for community engagement. Throughout the years, the whole Maptionnaire team has been working hard to develop the service to what it is now.

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Mapita: The Company behind Maptionnaire

These are the people who work hard to put the map in Maptionnaire.

Sakari Ellonen
Maarit Kahila
Co-founder & CEO
+358 40 562 6951
LinkedIn profile
Sakari Ellonen
Anna Broberg
Co-founder & COO
+358 50 538 8809
LinkedIn profile
Sakari Ellonen
Sakari Ellonen
Chief Technology Officer
LinkedIn profile
Sakari Ellonen
Kirsi Forss
Lead Consultant & DACH Representative
+49 1763 064 0370
LinkedIn profile
Sakari Ellonen
Devin Sims
Sales Development Representative
+1 804 381 6511
+358 45 231 5562
LinkedIn profile
Sakari Ellonen
Sanna Järvelä
Account Executive
+1 315 636 5881
+358 50 320 5337
LinkedIn profile
Sakari Ellonen
Asta Hiippala
Customer Support Lead
LinkedIn profile
Sakari Ellonen
Robin Rehn
Marketing Lead
LinkedIn profile
Sakari Ellonen
Anne-Mari Jääskeläinen
Marketing Website & Analytics Specialist
LinkedIn profile
Sakari Ellonen
Emily Johnson
Content Marketing Specialist
LinkedIn profile
Sakari Ellonen
Matti Köresaar
Office Manager
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Sakari Ellonen
Muriëlle Smit
Senior Front-end Developer
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Sakari Ellonen
Rachel Bryant
Front-end Developer
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Maptionnaire makes the planning process more inclusive and engaging.

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