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Design impressive map-based and traditional surveys to gather local insights and analyze GIS-based data


Create engaging webpages to transparently communicate about your projects and present interactive surveys, timelines, and other assets


Empower residents to make impactful decisions with a multi-stage participatory budgeting process


Create engaging webpages to transparently communicate about your projects and present interactive surveys, timelines, and other assets



Looking for more info? Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. If you can't find an answer — don't hesitate to contact us!

Why should I use Maptionnaire?

Because it’s an easy-to-use, browser-based, and no-code solution for all your digital citizen engagement needs.

How is Maptionnaire different from other citizen engagement platforms?

Maptionnaire gets spatial engagement like no one else: all our engagement functionalities have interactive mapping and spatial storytelling at their core (but you can create traditional surveys too). With this, you can finally get precise, actionable GIS-based insights from locals and connect their ideas with the places they belong to.

How does the pricing work?

Maptionnaire has a set price for each subscription plan you can choose: Collect, Communicate, and Decide. The final price will reflect the volume of activities you plan to do (that is, the number of surveys and projects in a year) — the more you use Maptionnaire, the lower the price is for a single activity. For enterprise clients, we offer custom-made packages — so get in touch with us to get a personalized quote!

Can I purchase some features separately?

To get access to a specific feature, you need to have an active subscription plan that includes it. Get in touch with our team to learn which features are available on which plan and how much it costs.

Do you offer volume or annual discounts?

We don’t offer time-limited “Merry Christmas” discounts, so you can start your subscription at any time that is comfortable for you. The pricing works in a way that the more you use Maptionnaire, the lower the price is for a single activity (that is, a project or a survey).

I am a nonprofit. Do you offer any discounts for nonprofit?

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with us and share details about your organization and project, and we will find a suitable solution together.

Can I have a trial period?

There is no trial period. But our team of experts is available to help you test the features you need. Fill in this form and we’ll find a solution.

I need additional information about security, privacy, and GDPR compliance. How can I get it?

You can learn about our security, privacy, and compliance here. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them via this form. But in a nutshell, Maptionnaire is GDPR-compliant and we treat your data with utmost confidentiality and security.

Can I update my plan anytime?

Sure! If your engagement needs expand, we’ll be happy to upgrade you to another subscription. Just get in touch with your account manager.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime and get a refund?

Maptionnaire subscription is valid for 12 months and is renewed automatically. To terminate the subscription, you should let us know 2 months ahead of the renewal date (specified in the contract). We don’t offer refunds.

What kind of support does Maptionnaire offer?

You kick-off with an onboarding for your team. When you need help, use the help center or reach out to support. We also offer masterclasses and training services to increase capacity within your organization.

How many users can use the platform under the same subscription?

There is no limit to how many users from one organization can use Maptionnaire.

How many active surveys can Maptionnaire handle at once?

The number of active surveys and pages you can publish is defined by your subscription plan. There is no limit to the number of participants in Maptionnaire.

Can I export data from Maptionnaire somewhere else?

Raw data can be exported from Maptionnaire and brought into any other GIS or analysis software. You can also export graphs and data visualizations made in Maptionnaire to include in your reports and share with stakeholders.

I am a consultant, can I use Maptionnaire for clients?

Yes, absolutely! Maptionnaire is used by multiple consultancies who offer Maptionnaire as a service for their clients.

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