Platform Features

Discover the features in Maptionnaire that enable you to design and manage citizen engagement processes of various types and scales.

We’re constantly developing the platform and releasing new features. Can’t find something on this list? Send us a message about it, maybe this feature is already in deployment!


Map-based survey elements

Points, lines, and areas

Respondents can answer your questions by marking points or drawing lines and polygons on a map. The response data includes coordinates, so you can take it easily to GIS software or analyze the map data directly in Maptionnaire.

Rich data on places marked by respondents

You can combine map-based drawing questions with further questions to gather as precise spatial information as needed. Analyze map-based data based on demographic information gathered in the same survey.


Respondents allocate a budget and mark on the map where different budget items should be located. If you’re interested in running a participatory budgeting project, Maptionnaire offers a dedicated solution for you.

Background maps and overlays

Use our built-in selection of beautiful background maps, your own maps (in WMTS, WMS, ESRI shapefile, XYZ basemap, GeoJSON, Bing, Mapbox, WFS, Vector Tile Service, and GeoTIFF formats), or draw a quick map overlay in Maptionnaire. For advanced use, you can also integrate Maptionnaire survey data with your map services.

Mapbox integration

Use the maps and styles you create in Mapbox in your questionnaires.

Tablet screen showing interactive mapping survey created with Maptionnaire

General survey elements

Easy-to-use editor

Our interactive questionnaire builder is easy and fast to use. No coding skills are needed.

Various types of questions for surveys  

Design your survey using any or all of the following: multiple-choice questions (choose one or choose many), open question, Likert scale, slider, date picker, checkbox, number question, and range question.

Visual communication

Images are often more effective than words. You can use images as answer options, as backgrounds or in the main content. Video clips, icons, and GIFs are also supported.

Immediate feedback

Allow respondents to see what others marked on the map and use our discussion feature to start conversations.

Budgets and polls

Ask respondents to allocate budgets and vote in polls using dedicated question elements.

Tablet screen showing budgeting survey created with Maptionnaire

Project communication

Webpage builder: a drag-and-drop content management system (CMS)

Build a webpage to communicate about one or multiple projects with a simple drag-and-drop webpage builder that supports multiple file formats and reflects your branding.

Interactive stories about your projects

Create an engaging narrative with surveys, maps and plans, images, texts, and videos to showcase your project or municipal engagement activity to residents and stakeholders.

Engagement frontpage for all surveys and activities

Embed surveys, project pages, timelines, results, and discussions on one single engagement frontpage to be transparent about your projects.

Engagement results

Close the feedback loop by showing how residents’ input shapes the project. The survey results are automatically pulled from the system and published on a dedicated page.

Process timeline

Feature all the project stages on a visual timeline to track deadlines and increase transparency. It can be added to any project page.

Tablet screen showing project timeline created with Maptionnaire webpage builder

Participatory budgeting elements

PB project page

Build a webpage to host all activities and information about your participatory budgeting project.

Easy process management

Collect ideas from residents via a dedicated survey. You can split, merge, and edit these ideas before publishing them as proposals to be voted on.

Clear voting process

Set up voting for the proposals: display the details of each proposal and show the proposals on a map.

Transparent results

Communicate the project outcomes on the same PB project page.

Voter authentication

You can ask voters to authenticate themselves (using their email address) to submit ideas and votes. For users from Finland, we also offer participant authentication via

Tablet screen showing participatory budgeting project page created with Maptionnaire

Marketing & Outreach

Social media sharing buttons

Make social sharing easy to get bigger outreach for your survey and project pages.

User-friendly interface

Maptionnaire provides a user-friendly respondent interface and supports a broad range of devices.

Translation tool

Create multi-language questionnaires and webpages easily by translating yourself or outsourcing to a third party. Minimize errors by translating each element side-by-side.

Made easy for panel companies

Hire a panel company to extend your outreach. Maptionnaire’s Panel tracker functionality makes it easy for panel companies to track which respondents have already responded to the survey.

UTMs for tracking 

Include UTM tracking links to understand which outreach channels perform the best.

Tablet showing marketing page created with Maptionnaire webpage builder

Analysis & Reporting

Advanced data analysis

Filter the data, visualize trends and hotspots, and access individual location comments. Ready-made graphs of non-geographic response data are available in-app to support analysis and reporting. You can analyze the data of each map layer separately.

Heatmaps & visualizations of your data

Make impactful heatmaps and other map-based visualizations of your data in less than a minute — and download them as high-quality image files. No GIS knowledge is required.

Data export

You can export survey results in different formats, including Excel, shapefile and geoJSON. 

Automated reporting and public hearing

Automatically send a PDF with the resident’s comments to the town hall and the respondent. Standardize the way the report looks and what data is collected.


Monitor the performance of all of your engagement activities with a visual customizable dashboard.

Tablet showing heatmap created based on data collected with Maptionnare

Security & GDPR

GDPR Compliance

Maptionnaire is fully GDPR-compliant. We also provide you with tools for consent and privacy management to make your surveys and projects compliant with data legislation in the EU and globally. More information on security and compliance here.

Data security

Customer and respondent data is treated as highly confidential information. Data is encrypted at rest and during transfer. Application servers and databases make regular encrypted backups with daily, weekly, and monthly retention policies. More information on security and compliance here.

Secure hosting

We host all projects on secure cloud hosting (AWS, Ireland) and provide a unique URL for your project.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Secure user logins within the organization by enabling two-factor authentication.

Respondent response management

Respondents can edit and delete their answers from surveys and pages if they logged in.

Tablet showing Maptionnaire's user login page


Detailed online guide

Look through the articles in our Help Center to learn everything from the basics to more advanced use of Maptionnaire.

Instructions in Maptionnaire

In Maptionnaire, each setting is accompanied by a ? symbol, under which we have hidden instructions.

Awesome support channel

We value all feedback and ideas and provide technical support via email & video call. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Onboarding & training

Each standard subscription starts with an onboarding session. We also offer additional onboarding, training, and masterclasses to help your team master the platform.

Responsive technical team

Maptionnaire is actively developed based on customer needs. Feel free to communicate your ideas to us, and they will be forwarded for consideration by our development team.

Tablet showing Maptionnaire Help Center

Data compatibility & integration

Data export

You can always download your data as an Excel spreadsheet or as shapefiles/geoJSONs, allowing you to take the results to other GIS and analysis tools.

Use your own maps

We currently support the following formats: WMTS, WMS, ESRI shapefile, XYZ basemap, GeoJSON, Bing, Mapbox, and WFS.

Data storage

After your subscription expires, we retain all your data and projects for 90 days, giving you time to reassess your public engagement needs.


Establish secure connections between Maptionnaire and your other software.

Tablet showing Maptionnaire survey with custom map

Internal process management

Content collaboration

All surveys and pages are created in a secure, invitation-only workspace that just you and your colleagues can access. Once you have been invited to the workspace, you can view and edit all of its content.

No membership limit

There’s no need to share login details as the number of members per workspace is not restricted.

Access control

While we’re big on encouraging collaboration, sometimes you do need to restrict who can see and edit resources. This is easy: you can create project sub-groups and allocate different permission levels to users.

Brand management

Upload your logos, images, maps, and documents to your workspace, and they are ready to be used in all of your projects. You can also create templates of surveys, pages, and other engagement processes that can be copied and edited.

Testing before launch

It’s always best if you can test your surveys with a representative group of people before launch. Edit your surveys based on the feedback you receive, and then hide the test data.

Tablet showing asset library in Maptionnaire

Maptionnaire makes the planning process more inclusive and engaging.

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