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NCC Developing a Better Helsinki Together with Residents

September 16, 2021
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Challenge: NCC Property Development wanted to find an accessible platform that would allow residents to place their ideas for their neighborhood directly on a digital map. There was also a need for gathering larger datasets of citizen-created information and for tools that would allow this data to be communicated in a clear manner. NCC also wanted to have the option of using external help in creating the survey and in analyzing and communicating the results.

Solution: With the help of Maptionnaire, NCC has already reached over 700 residents whose insights have been a valuable asset in planning. Maptionnaire’s consultancy services were especially helpful in analyzing and visualizing the survey data. They saved time and were pleased that the report was created by an unbiased party.

NCC is one of the leading construction companies in the Nordics. They work within commercial property development, contracting for building and infrastructure projects as well as in the production of asphalt and stone materials. The goal of NCC Property Development is to create and market environmentally and socially sustainable office and commercial properties in growing urban centres. 

NCC wanted to find a solution that would make it easy to map out the wishes and needs of residents in areas that are being (re-)developed. Face-to-face interviews and discussions with local residents had brought out a variety of viewpoints, but it was difficult to turn these into a plan that could be used to support the planning process. NCC needed to find a way to collect a larger, more quantifiable dataset. 

After hearing the positive experiences the City of Helsinki had with Maptionnaire, NCC approached Maptionnaire. They found that Maptionnaire offers more options for surveys in comparison with other similar community engagement platforms. NCC also valued the ability to use Maptionnaire on a project-by-project basis, and the support received from Maptionnaire’s consultants in both survey creation and data analysis.

Not only property developers but also cities and local government benefit from resident participation processes. Check how the City of Vasaa accumulated geolocated data from residents’ insights and wishes that was later used for zoning and city planning.

Maptionnaire’s Consultancy Services Supported NCC in Data Analysis and Reporting

NCC used Maptionnaire in a project related to infill development in urban areas. Residents in these areas are often already interested in urban planning and welcomed the opportunity to use Maptionnaire to share their insights and opinions. The survey was posted in local Facebook groups and on a project website. It was also advertised in social media and by using Google’s ad services.

Through Maptionnaire, NCC has received responses from over 700 residents. These have been very important in providing new ideas for planners. The survey data has helped to build a common understanding of the needs and wishes of the residents related to e.g. transport and daily routes, and important places and services.

NCC benefited greatly from the consultancy services offered by Maptionnaire in the creation of the survey and in compiling the final report. Outsourcing these to Maptionnaire saved NCC a great deal of time, and ensured that the analysis and reporting of the data was unbiased. 

It’s worth considering what kind of information you ask from residents, when to do it and who to target. Maptionnaire’s consultants were very helpful in finding answers to these questions.
Eelis Rytkönen, Urban Developer, NCC Property Development
NCC is developing the area of Savonkatu in Helsinki, and asked residents to leave feedback via a Maptionnaire questionnaire.
NCC is developing the area of Savonkatu in Helsinki, and asked residents to leave feedback via a Maptionnaire questionnaire.

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