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Planning a New Tramway Service Together With the Community in Turku

May 25, 2017
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Public transportation planning in the city of Turku is an excellent example of how Maptionnaire benefits cities and their inhabitants through public engagement.

The Finnish city of Turku has plans to introduce a new tramway service. The city proposed three possible routes and, in order to better understand their perspective, citizens were asked to respond to a survey created with Maptionnaire.

Survey respondents were shown the three proposed tram routes together with information about Turku’s existing bus network. Citizens were also introduced to the travel times between tram stops and the distances to the most important destinations around each stop.

Thanks to a highly visual and straightforward survey, respondents could easily understand the information they were given and the questions they were asked.

The survey was important because it showed what citizens thought about the plans. And everyone was given the equal opportunity to participate.
Juha Jokela, the Project Manager

Resident’s participation, enabled by Maptionnaire, will have a strong impact on the future of Turku’s tramway service.                    



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