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Gathering Traffic Safety Experiences at the World’s Largest Amateur Bike Race

March 5, 2021
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Challenge: Koucky & Partners needed a tool for gathering survey data that was geolocated.

Solution: Maptionnaire’s questionnaire provided them with in-depth information about what and where things happen on the race track. They were able to visualize the results on a map and identify a geographical pattern for the whole track.

 Koucky & Partners are a group of consultants in the field of sustainable mobility. They work with a wide range of topics such as parking investigations in the building sector, co-creative neighborhood mobility developments, and bike tourism.  

The consultants at this company from Gothenburg, Sweden were working on a project related to “Vätternrundan”, which is the world’s largest recreational bike ride for amateurs. Around 20 000 participants cycle the 300 km route around lake Vättern. They wanted to gather information about participants’ traffic safety experiences during the race.

Gathering Regular and Geolocated Information

Koucky & Partners originally discovered Maptionnaire through an EU project concentrating on neighborhood mobility issues. They thought the software could be helpful for their Vätternrundan-project and provide them with the data they were looking for.

Picture 1. Screenshot from the survey while drawing a line
Screenshot from the survey while drawing a line

The consultants at Koucky & Partners felt that a normal survey without the possibility to gather geolocated information wouldn’t have given them enough in-depth information. What they wanted was not only to know what happens but where things happen or things such as which parts of the track were unsafe. For them, Maptionnaire was the perfect tool to gather both so called regular survey information and geographic information.   

As a result, Koucky & Partners were able to gather responses from nearly 5000 participants. Thanks to data provided by the Maptionnaire questionnaire, they were able to identify a bigger geographical pattern for the whole track for how safe or unsafe the race was for the cyclist. Merely being able to see the results presented visually on a map was helpful and effective.

These findings were used to change the route for future Vätternrundan-rides to avoid the most dangerous sections that were identified. 

If you need to gather information not just for answering the question ‘what’ but also ‘where’, Maptionnaire is a very powerful and effective tool as it provides you with geolocated data. We can highly recommend it.
Koucky & Partners

Citizen engagement in transportation and mobility requires a spatial component.

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