A Decade of Community Engagement

March 30, 2021
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Celebrating a 10-year journey of planning with people! 🎉

Watch these presentations from our anniversary virtual event. We booked the industry experts to tell you about the past, present, and most of all the future of map-based engagement and public participation in urban planning and beyond!

Keynote talk by Marketta Kyttä, professor of Land use Planning at Aalto University, a leading researcher in the field of public participation GIS (PPGIS) and human-friendly environments.

Keynote talk by Olivia Flynn, Urban Designer at Gehl, discussing the importance of engaging the community , Gehl’s urban planning projects and Maptionnaire’s impact on them.

An interview with Anna Broberg and Maarit Kahila, the founders of Maptionnaire, reliving the decade-long story of the company and the milestones in the development of our community engagement platform.

Closing remarks from Aija Staffans, Senior Research Fellow at Aalto University, and a pioneer in developing participatory met­hods and digitally supported platforms for land use planning.

Jeff Risom, Chief Innovation Officer & Partner at Gehl, sends his greetings and tells how Gehl has benefitted from using Maptionnaire.

The lovely Maptionnaire users from all over the world sent us birthday greetings and reveal their favorite things  about our community engagement platform.

Maptionnaire & The Story Behind this event

It’s been ten years since the story of Maptionnaire began at Aalto University when a group of researchers, our founders Anna & Maarit included, discovered that for creating better cities, we need to get the residents involved. Since then, we’ve been working hard to develop our map-based community engagement platform, Maptionnaire. Throughout this time, we’ve received gratitude from planners, researchers, and community members who have found Maptionnaire to be the go-to platform for planning cities, neighborhoods, and streets together with people.

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