The Best Experts are the Citizens Themselves: Listen to Maptionnaire on a Smart in the City Podcast

November 24, 2022
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 A smart city is a smart community, and it’s all about people working together. 

This can be the credo of Smart in The City Podcast, where its host Tamlyn Shimizu explores what is behind a smart city — together with her guests.

Maarit Kahila, CEO of Maptionnaire, and Johanna Palomäki, City Architect at Lahti, have joined the conversation in a recent episode. They discuss knowledge-based community engagement and how to make use of citizen-sourced data. Maarit and Johanna also try on each other’s shoes and debate what’s at the heart of a smart city!

Maptionnaire on smart in the city podcast
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What’s for you in the episode? 

  1. Learn more about the nature of public-private partnerships in urban development with Maptionnaire and the City of Lahti as an example (Lahti and Maptionniare have a long history together: read about their Participatory Budgeting project)
  2. Understand what Knowledge-driven community engagement is
  3. Get to know why getting the right tool for community engagement is not enough 
  4. You don’t need to guess when it is the right time to initiate a dialog with residents. The earlier — the better.
  5. Debate why the smart city should be more about people and less about tech. 
If we want to get knowledge about how the city works in real life, then we should turn to people — they are the experts. We need to capture this knowledge and use it in a systematic way.
Johanna Palomäki, City Architect at Lahti

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