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Tech News: Download of Shapefiles, Hand-drawn Layers, Copying of Elements and Pages (& Other Updates)

June 22, 2021
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 We’ve been improving and adding functionalities to Maptionnaire Community Engagement Platform. Here are the latest updates!

  • Downloading shapefiles and geoJSON files from the analysis tool is now available. Currently, the shapefile contains element ID, respondent ID, and response number in the attributes table. The geoJSON contains pop-up responses in addition to these. We are still working on better support for shapefiles and geoJSON files in the response data section.
  • Hand-drawn layers are now available. We have added the much beloved and requested functionality Hand-drawn layers” to our service. It can be found in the “Materials / Maps” section under "Add map".
  •  Copying elements and pages in the questionnaire editor. This has now been made easier after an update. Questionnaires, questionnaire pages, and single elements can be copied when needed.
  • Analysis graphs are back. Graphs can be found in the analysis tool where the first tab includes graphs and the second gives you access to the map response analysis.
  • Improvements to social sharing. A Maptionnaire questionnaire can now have a social media sharing button element inserted, and the questionnaire title and description from the "Card" tab will be sent to Facebook and Twitter when respondents share the link. There is also a new "Questionnaire Card Image" setting that will let the creator of the questionnaire choose the image that will be sent to Facebook and Twitter.
  •  Update to geoJSON column in the response excel. This update will help with importing data into tools like ArcGIS.
  • Browser deprecation warning for Internet Explorer. When someone is using a browser that we identify as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge Legacy, the user will see a warning. Maptionnaire does not support these browser versions anymore as they are not developed further. (See what browsers we do support.)
  • “Show responses by others" functionality is now available to respondents answering a Maptionnaire questionnaire.
  • Other updates: update to drag-and-drop for elements to different pages, support for WMTS layers, better respondent management, migration to newer Facebook-login, the randomization of multi-choice questions disabled (while in the editor), and fixes to mobile response view

PS. Remember that you can always ask our Maptionnaire Support for help, and also send us your improvement suggestions. You can reach them via Our helpful support manual is available at

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