The Automized Public Hearing Process: Slash Time Spent Managing and Responding to Resident Input

March 26, 2019
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Read the Finnish version here.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Automized Public Hearing Process, a new Maptionnaire add-on service that streamlines the process and tasks of gathering, transcribing, and storing of resident input in urban planning projects. The service is specially designed to facilitate urban planning processes which contain legal requirements for documenting the opinions and comments of residents.

The Automized Public Hearing Process has been piloted together with the Finnish city of Espoo as a Smart City solution to find a way to shift resource-spending in mandatory public participation processes from data management toward interpreting and utilizing the contents. The concept got awarded in the 2018 Mayor’s Innovation Competition on the grounds of its merits in helping Espoo tackle significant issues cities and planners typically struggle with.

Read more about Espoo using the Automized Public Hearing Solution — and how it saves planners a lot of time and money.

Planners can receive considerable volumes of feedback on their plans from residents, especially when working with large master plans. These may come in various formats, leading to burdensome archiving work and time losses in organizing the data before planners can begin interpreting the results.

Using the Automized Public Hearing Process, residents can comment online on city planning proposals using Maptionnaire’s easy-to-use respondent interface, and all responses get uniformly drawn up on a fully customizable template. The outcome is a standardized PDF report for each respondent that can be automatically sent both into the city's planning system and to the resident.

The Automized Public Hearing Process thus removes the need to separately archive residents’ responses and all the feedback is readily available for interpretation in a structured digital format. The city of Espoo discovered they were able to receive 2/3 of resident feedback in their pilot projects this way, resulting in significant time-savings.

Are you interested in exploring whether the Automized Public Hearing Process could revolutionize planning in your city?

Head over to our demo of the service to get a hands-on experience of how it works. Feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting or a call to discuss the service in more detail. We will determine your needs, project timeline and start specifying the various aspects of the system, such as the look and content of the report, the optimal structure for the questionnaire, the report delivery process, as well as testing and monitoring requirements.                    

After you have identified a suitable project for using the Planning Feedback System, we are happy to work together with you in every step for setting it up.
After you have identified a suitable project for using the Automized Public Hearing Process, we are happy to work together with you in every step for setting it up.

Want to find out how you can optimize the public hearing process?

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