10 Best Urban Planning Podcasts to Tune in to in 2023

July 6, 2023
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Looking for an urban planning podcast? Good news: there is a podcasting niche for us too.

Here is an exhaustive list for you: top 10 smart city and urban design podcasts you should give a try in 2023. We’re also sharing our favorite episodes that you can start your journey with.

These podcasts cover varied territories: from the theory and history of city planning to the best practices (and failures) of urban design and citizen engagement. You can also discover interviews with such stars as Jan Gehl or “ordinary” planners working for cities and consultancies. Let’s get to it!

Urbanistica podcast about urban planning

1. Urbanistica Podcast

For and about urban planners — with a personal touch. Who are the people behind city planning? Why do they do what they do? What tips do they have for us? Although the podcast is from Sweden, Mustafa Sherif brings together an international crowd of planners and often reports from the hotspots like the Urban Future conference.

🎧 Favorite episode
#368: Children's independent mobility and active transportation - ⁠Anna Broberg

the smart community podcast

2. The Smart Community Podcast

Smart communities are at the heart of smart cities. How can planning and design practices enable local residents? How can we make cities more liveable and lovable? Give a try to the Smart Community Podcast to learn from the best practitioners.

🎧 Favorite episode
#343: Gamifying Climate Action in Smart Communities, with Katie Patrick

smart in the city podcast

3. Smart in the City

Here is your chance to learn from the top actors on the smart city scene. Join Tamlyn Shimizu of BABLE on this journey!

🎧 Favorite episode
#19: Lahti & Maptionnaire: "The Best Experts Are The Citizens Themselves"

urbcast podcast about cities

4. Urbcast – a Podcast about Cities

Hear about all things urbanism, architecture, and city planning. Marcin Wojciech Żebrowski records for you thought-provoking interviews with city changers.

🎧 Favorite episode
#115: Should we start designing cities with and for children? (guest: Marie Astrup – Founder of OP & NED)

the urbanist podcast by monocle

5.  The Urbanist  

A Monocle classic explores urban design and planning around the world. With a mix of in-depth interviews, field reports, and urban adventures, this podcast offers a unique perspective on cities worldwide.

🎧 Favorite episode
Tall Stories 361: Habitat 67, Montreal

Isocarp podcast for planners

6. ISOCARP Spotlight

Get to hear from urban planning experts from around the globe to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the field.

🎧 Favorite episode
Spotlight #6 March 2023: Marit Kahila

planningxchange podcast about urban design

7. PlanningXChange Podcast

Jess Noonan and Peter Jewell invite planning professionals to discuss the pressing issues and possible solutions that others can replicate.

🎧 Favorite episode
PX94 - Laura Gannon, Meridian Urban

8. APA Podcast

American Planning Associations Podcast gives voice to those facing the daily challenges and rewards of planning.

🎧 Favorite episode
TikTok's TalkingCities Makes Urban Planning Fast and Easy to Grasp

9. Strong Towns Podcast

What are the leading urban planning theories and phenomena that enable us to build citizen-centric cities? And what are the legacies of older planning systems we are working with? Here is a critical investigation with leading planning professionals from the US.

🎧 Favorite episode
Mike Hathorne: Where Does Decision-Making Need to Occur in Our Communities?

talking headways podcast on transportation and mobility

10. Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Do you want to know more about mobility as a service, e-bikes, public transport (or the modes of transportation in Star Wars? Talking Headways focuses exactly on transportation and mobility challenges - tune in!

🎧 Favorite episode  
#433: Women Who Ride Transit

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