Maptionnaire Connecting Community 2024 brought community engagement and participation experts together

January 25, 2024
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Maptionnaire community workshopping in the event.

Last Thursday on January 18th, 2024, Maptionnaire organized its annual event for community engagement and participation experts in Helsinki, Finland.

Around 40 participants gathered at the venue to listen to our inspirational speakers despite the challenging weather.

  1. Eva-Maria Aitsam from the City of Tallinn, described their participation process in the Klindipark project in Tallinn.
    Download presentation (in English)
  1. Anni Hakala and Susanna Hatanpää shared steps and learning on their ongoing participatory budgeting process in the city of Raisio.
    Download presentation (in Finnish)
  1. Eeropekka Lehtinen discussed sustainable mobility - how to enhance it, why residents should be involved in the planning process, and the biggest challenges.
    Download presentation (in Finnish)
  1. Marketta Kyttä spoke about the opportunities of versatile PPGIS analyses in planning projects, using comprehensive My Espoo survey data as an example.
    Download presentation (in Finnish)

Additionally, this year featured a well-received twist – four workshops were included in the afternoon’s program.

The workshops delved deeper in the following topics:

  1. Versatile use of GIS and mapping features as part of community engagement
  2. Analysis and visualization of citizen-generated data
  3. Effectiveness and opportunities of digital community engagement tools
  4. Best practices and future of participation and interaction

All workshops were found interesting and stirred up active discussion. Common thoughts were that time ran out too quickly; there would’ve been so much more to learn and share!

The workshops 1 and 2 concentrated on the more technical aspects of good community engagement practices - methods users have found useful when using Maptionnaire’s mapping and analysis tools, short demos of new features, and discussions on future opportunities and challenges.

In the workshops 3 and 4, community engagement was discussed on a more general level. Questions like “How stakeholders can be participated inclusively and how to create a continuity in the stakeholder participation?” and “How to make the process transparent and easy to approach for the target audience?” were explored in workshop 3. Workshop 4 tackled the question and solutions for community engagement challenges in the future.

The Maptionnaire team collected valuable information during this event to bring the Maptionnaire platform even closer to our users’ needs. And based on the feedback, the event participants walked out the venue doors with some insights richer to face their upcoming community engagement projects.

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