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Tech News: Map-Based Discussions, List View, and Word Clouds

September 11, 2023
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Our Product Team has been working hard on improving Maptionnaire and making it more effective for your needs. While smaller updates and bug fixes are released almost every week, here is a list of the biggest changes to the platform from the last quarter. 

Map-based Discussions 

Available on Collect, Communicate, and Decide plans

How do you keep your citizen engagement activities influential and to the point? You often need to gauge public opinions about a very specific detail of the environment or a proposed plan. And now you can do it in Maptionnaire more effectively with Discussions. 

With Discussions in a map-based questionnaire, residents engage in localized conversations. Respondents can comment about a specific place, read each other’s responses, and engage with this feedback. 

You can find a Discussion element in the element library of Maptionnaire’s survey editor. Add it to any page or pop-up and get the discussion thread rolling! Read our Help Center article about Discussions for more detail

maptionnaire's map-based discussion animation

These discussions work especially well with click-maps. You can highlight specific places, routes, or areas on a map or a plan and make them clickable. After clicking one of these objects, the respondent will see a pop-up window with a discussion, questions, or any other content (more about click-maps here). Click-maps are excellent for creating a multilayered story and sharing additional details about the plan or existing environment. And each clickable object can now contain a discussion inside!

Welcome the List View 

Affecting Collect, Communicate, and Decide plans

Until now, surveys have been shown as ‘cards’ in Maptionnaire. What we’ve noticed is that when there are multiple surveys, navigating between them becomes tricky. 

a screenshot from maptionnaire showing cards

To solve this problem, we are changing the way in which you see the surveys in your team. They will now be presented in a simple list mode:

a screenshot showing maptionnaire's list view

You’ll also be able to see at a glance the number of respondents to your survey, and filter surveys according to different criteria. The same change will be applied to Materials, Pages (for Communicate and Decide plans), and Projects (for Decide plan). 

This change DOES NOT change or remove any of the current functions, just makes them easier to access. To read more about this change, please see this article in our Help Center

Word Cloud

Available on Collect, Communicate, and Decide plans

Open questions are invaluable for getting innovative ideas and feedback from citizens. But answers to these questions are tricky to get a grasp of.

Word Cloud is now there to assist you with the initial qualitative analysis and is available under the Analyze section on Maptionnaire. It visualizes the frequency of the words used in answers to open questions. You can also exclude some words (like articles and prepositions) for better results. For more assistance, check our Help Center article about Word Cloud.

a screenshot of Maptionnaire's word cloud feature

Questions? Feedback? Please contact us at — we are happy help and develop Maptionnaire together. 

This is just a glimpse of what Maptionnaire can do.

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