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Top 5 Community Engagement Webinars

July 13, 2021
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The summer months are often a little quieter at the office. What a great time to watch some webinar recordings about community engagement! We’ve listed our five favorite Maptionnaire webinars in this blog (but don’t forget that all of our past webinars are available on-demand).                    

1. Webinar: Community Engagement Trends

In this webinar, Maptionnaire’s founders Anna & Maarit list the top 3 trends for community engagement in 2021. You can check our updated list of trends for the current year here! They will be talking about the systemic change that is happening in public engagement, the gamification and storytelling trend, and about how to include different people and different groups in urban planning projects.


Webinar - New Maptionnaire Community Engagement Platform.png

2. Webinar: Introducing the New Maptionnaire Community Engagement Platform

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, last fall we launched a new version of Maptionnaire. In this webinar, you’ll find out how we ended up here: what actually motivated us to develop this new and improved version of our software, and what goodies we’ve developed to support you in your community engagement efforts.


Webinar - Community Engagement for Transportation Planners.png

3. Webinar: Community Engagement for Transportation Planners

Maptionnaire is not designed only for urban planners: you can use it in transportation planning projects (+ in the energy sector, for sustainability, in the construction industry, for parks & recreation, and for nature & environment). This webinar will explore how Maptionnaire is used in transportation & mobility. You’ll also get to see a couple of examples.


Webinar - Design, Collect & Analyze.png

4. Webinar Series: Design, Collect & Analyze – Map Functionalities

We haven’t forgotten, what the core of Maptionnaire is: maps, maps, maps! In this 30-minute demo webinar you’ll get to see the basic functionalities of our community engagement platform.


Webinar - Gamified Decision Making.png

5. Webinar Series: Gamified Decision Making

In Maptionnaire, we have a new module for gamifying public participation. By using this module, you can make the engagement process more fun. Only sky (or rather imagination) is the limit of how you can create a story about the development of your city, and make residents choose their preferred options and scenarios.


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