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Tech News: Maptionnaire Now Available in 27 Languages (& Other Updates)

March 24, 2021
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Our tech team has been hard at work constantly developing the new Maptionnaire Community Engagement Platform further. By this date, we’ve made over 500 updates and improvements to the service! Here are some top picks from the latest updates to Maptionnaire.


  • Maptionnaire available in 27 languages. Our latest additions are Czech and Armenian. If you’re missing a language you need for your project, you can always get in touch with our support.
  • Maptionnaire is accessible. Accessibility is something we work hard on when developing the service. Currently, Maptionnaire fills all the requirements of the A-level of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1.)  and 80% of the requirements of level AA (applicable items).
  • Removing test users. If you have responses to a questionnaire you don’t want to include, you can remove them from the export data and from the analysis tool. Go to the "Results" section in the editor and then to the "Manage respondents" tab. There you can hide or unhide respondents.
  • New image grid question type. For multiple choice questions, you can now display image answer options as a grid layout.
  • UTM tracking. If you want to find out where your respondents found their way to your questionnaire, you can now use UTM tracking in Maptionnaire.
  • Collecting device information. The Device Information Element has been added to Maptionnaire. It can be used to collect respondent's screen width and height as well as basic browser and operating system information.
  • Downloading response data for a single publication. In the "Results" section of the editor, choose "Download data" and select a publication from the dropdown menu. Leave the menu blank for a combined download of all publications.
  • Manual download of PDF reports.  You can manually download PDF reports in the "Results" section of the questionnaire editor. This makes it possible to e.g. re-generate missing reports, or debug misbehaving reports. Please note that this does not trigger the email process.
  • Sticky Map position. We’ve deployed an update that makes the map remember its position when navigating via non-map pages. This makes it easier to create more versatile questionnaires.


Don’t forget that we welcome all improvement suggestions and other feedback. You can send them to

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