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Maptionnaire Tech News: Goodbye Leaflet, Welcome OpenLayers

May 13, 2020
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 Springtime is always a great opportunity for something new. For us, the development of the new version of Maptionnaire offered us a chance to evaluate what kinds of features we want to have in the new platform. This is why we decided to move from Leaflet to OpenLayers. OpenLayers is a well established open source library for working with maps and other geo-referenced materials, and it offers a very extensive set of functionalities which will allow us to add features into Maptionnaire that wouldn't have been otherwise feasible.

Improved Marker Icons and Freehand Drawing Option

We’ve now rolled out the first version of our OpenLayers based maps with some nice enhancements. Marker icons are greatly improved, especially on high-dpi (retina) displays. Line and area questions now feature a freehand drawing option. Additionally, map responses are editable by the respondent and the layer switcher is easier to use. Also, setting up more complex combinations of maps and overlays for a questionnaire is now more straightforward in the editor.

New Feature: Choose Your Background

The switch to OpenLayers is accompanied by a new Maptionnaire feature, which lets you design questionnaires that have mixed types of backgrounds. You can now have static images or just a single color as the background of your questionnaire. You can even mix and match these for every page individually. We’re also currently building more types of interactive backgrounds to Maptionnaire, including 3D models and visualizations.

In addition to introducing some completely new features, such as 3D, we are working on achieving feature parity with our old system, and then going above and beyond! OpenLayers will allow us to do many things that have been on our wish list for a long time.

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